Alcohol Detox Side Effects

Detox And Sleep25 Oct

Detoxification is necessary for a person to remove the toxins from his body. It is compulsory for the drug addict as the chemical substances of the drug are deposited into the body. Those chemical substances are very dangerous to the health condition of a person and they have to be removed from the body with the help of detox. Detox is necessary to keep the body of a person clean and fit, but they should also deal with the detox side effects. Many people who go for detox process think only about the benefits they can get through the program. They don’t have any basic knowledge about the side effects of detox and hence they feel totally lost when they have to face side effects of detox during the treatment. The side effects of detox will vary according to the health condition of a person. They also depend on the level of drug addiction of the patient. The person has to face the detox side effects till he regains the normal health. Sleep interruption is the common detox side effect which is experienced by almost all the persons who are undergoing detox.

The side effects of the detox program will cause sleep interruption. Sleep interruption will be seen in the people undertaking detox treatment, due to the emotional disturbances they have to face during this period. The person will face many problems like headache and fatigue due to detoxification. The essential fluids of the body will also be removed during the detox, along with the unwanted chemical substances in the body of a person, which are harmful. The body fluids are essential for normal functioning of a person and the decrease in fluids will cause many more problems. The person will not be able to sleep peacefully due to these problems and there will be many interruptions in his sleep.

The other cause of sleep interruption during the detox is that the persons muscles become sore leading to a lot of pain in the body of the addicted person. Muscle pain leads to sleep interruptions while a person is undergoing detox. The person will experience sudden increase in the pain because of removal of toxins and hence he cannot sleep continuously after detox treatment.

Sleep interruptions are quite a common form of detox side effects among almost all the people who have undergone detox. The body takes some time to return to normal state after the detox. The body of the addicted person will undergo major changes due to the removal of toxins from the body during detox. The healing period will be generally vary fro person to person. The recovery depends largely upon the persons willingness to get better and his / her immune system. Before the body comes to a normal state, the patient has to experience all these after effects of the treatment. As a result he has to face sleep interruptions. Sleep interruptions is a detox side effect which will be experienced by every person after the detox and they will experience this only for a limited period of time till the body becomes normal.

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