Alcohol Detox Side Effects

Alcohol is a very potent form of liquid drug. Just like drugs, it produces symptoms when someone is going through detox. Most people do not know what these symptoms are though and are surprised when they actually experience them. It may help the person quitting alcohol to know what the detox side effects are so that they are not scared when they do arise. There are two different categories of side effects associated with alcohol detox. The first category refers to the physical side effects and the others are the mental.

Physical Alcohol Detox Side Effects:

The most common physical side effects include headaches. The person may suffer mild to severe headaches including migraines. These headaches can come and go or they may be constant. Over the counter medicine may not be sufficient in relieving these headaches and the person may need a stronger prescription medicine to stop the pain. Another physical side effect can be body aches. The body aches are usually general and not in any specific area, they are similar to body pains felt while having flu. Overall weakness and fatigue are to be expected as well. Some people may also have trembles, sweaty or clammy skin and stomach aches. In some rare and more severe cases, a person may experience convulsions and seizures which could be life threatening if not properly monitored by medical staff.

Mental Alcohol Detox Side Effects:

When a person is going through detox of alcohol, they will likely feel one or many of the mental side effects during the process. They may lose their appetite which will cause them to lose weight rapidly. They may also lose their ability to focus or concentrate making it hard to remember things. Another very typical side effect is anxiety. The person may suddenly become irritable and impatient. They will sometimes take this out on other people thus pushing them away. Insomnia is also another common alcohol detox symptom. Sometimes, medicine will be prescribed to calm the person and help them sleep better. Of all the mental symptoms someone may feel, depression is the most likely of all the side effects. This is because the body is adjusting to not having the alcohol anymore. This causes hormone levels to drop and rise during the detox process. Some unfortunate users never recover from their depression and continue to experience it throughout their lives. These people are usually prescribed drugs to counteract depression and allow them to live normal, sober and happy lives.

It is always comforting to know though that most of the alcohol detox side effects typically do not last very long. The period of time where someone going through alcohol detox experiences side effects is usually between 2 to 4 days. After this time, the symptoms are typically very mild to non-existent. The length of time will vary with each person depending on the use. However, there are really good medications available today that will lessen the side effects and make the experience more comfortable for the user.